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“Bonjour! As a native French speaker, I have studied Computer Science and Mathematics in Morocco in the French language. I am excited to use my expertise in these subjects to help students excel in their studies. With a focus on personalized attention and support, I work with students of all ages and skill levels to help them master new concepts and reach their full potential. Whether you need help with programming, problem-solving, or other areas of math and science, I am here to help you succeed. Let’s work together to achieve your academic goals en français!

Offered Services

Computer Science 1 Service(s)
CS – In-person/Online $25.00

Intensive Computer Science Teaching with good practical examples. I like my students to understand the fundamentals of problem solving which is Algorithm after which which pick any Computer Programming language to practice and better with.

Calculus 1 Service(s)
Calculus – In-person/Online $30.00

I am experienced in teaching Calculus 1 and have helped students master topics such as limits, derivatives, integrals, and more. Whether you are struggling with a particular concept or want to prepare for an upcoming exam, I can provide personalized support and guidance to help you succeed in Calculus 1

French 1 Service(s)
French – In-person/Online $20.00

"I offer tutoring in the fundamentals of French, covering essential grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

Mathematics 1 Service(s)
Mathematics – In-Person/Online $25.00

I offer math tutoring services for elementary and middle school students, covering topics such as arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and more. With a focus on building strong foundational skills, I help students improve their understanding of math concepts and build confidence in their abilities. Whether your child needs help with homework or wants to excel in math class, I am here to provide personalized support and help them achieve their academic goals.

Algebra 1 Service(s)
Algebra - In-Person/Online $25.00

In addition to elementary and middle school math, I offer algebra tutoring services for students looking to build a strong foundation in the subject. From solving equations and inequalities to working with graphs and functions, I can provide personalized support and guidance to help students succeed in algebra. Whether you need help with homework or want to excel in math class, I am dedicated to helping you achieve your academic goals.

General Science 1 Service(s)
General Science – In-person/Online $25.00

I offer tutoring services for general science, covering topics such as biology, chemistry, physics, and more. Whether you need help with homework, test preparation, or want to gain a deeper understanding of the natural world, I am here to provide personalized support and guidance. Together, we can work towards improving your scientific knowledge and achieving your academic goals in general science




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