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Want to get paid for tutoring?

Want to get paid for tutoring?

  • 2023-03-23


Want to get paid for tutoring?

Black Tutors Canada is a tutor listing website that allows tutors who identify as Black, African, Caribbean, Afro-Canadian, and of the African diaspora to list their tutoring services on the platform. We are a hub and a resource for Black tutors and students across Canada. We are looking for Black tutors to help support the academic needs of students from all grade levels from Kindergarten to University.


In this role, your responsibility is to ensure you have the necessary materials to support students’ learning needs. You decide how you offer your services, i.e., online, in-person or both modes of service delivery. You will work with students of all backgrounds, intersectionality, mobility, and neurodiversity. You can teach/tutor as many subjects as you are competent in. You can set your price and keep 100% of your earnings. No gimmick! You will also set your schedule, and take on as many or as few students as you wish. The students will pay you directly. You also get 90-days of free registration to use our platform, after which you are automatically billed $14.99 per month until you cancel your subscription. Just one session can cover your monthly fee.


Tutors on our platform are required to be able to pass a Police Record Check, have good communication skills, a college or university education, and competency in the subject(s) they teach/tutor. You will require proficiency with the material(s) necessary to support students, and have the ability to assess students’ areas of need. In addition, you will have patience, positivity, empathy, and confidentiality.

Signup now at www.blacktutorscanada.ca or email info@blacktutorscanada.ca

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