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Oreoluwa  Oni Oreoluwa  Oni

Oreoluwa Oni

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About “Oreoluwa Oni”

I’m a driven and ambitious electrical and electronics engineering student at the University of Waterloo, with a passion for firmware and embedded systems development and design, as well as hardware electronics design.

I had my early education in the Nigerian school system which followed both the British and west African curriculum. I graduated high school in Nigeria at 16 and proceeded to enrol for an academic grade 12 year in order to familiarize myself with the Canadian system before entering university. Because of the aforementioned, I am very familiar with multiple curriculums and I use this while teaching.

I am a full time student on a co-op program, but in my free time, I tutor high school students in math and physics, and host political debates to discuss current news.

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