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Christine Gonsalves Christine Gonsalves

Christine Gonsalves

  • Starting Price: $25.00
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“Christine Gonsalves” Locations

About “Christine Gonsalves”

I am an Online Reading Tutor. My native language is English. I was born in Toronto, of parents from Bermuda and Jamaica. I have been tutoring elementary aged students since 2018. Prior to that, l have tutored adults in ESL. Other topics that I have taught include: Black and Caribbean History.

I have tutored students in: Toronto area, Montreal, China, and the USA. Zoom allows me to offer tutoring worldwide.

I offer a FREE 15 minute CONSULTATION to discuss your student’s needs. Please contact me to arrange.

Offered Services

Reading 1 Service(s)
Reading – Online $25.00

I am an avid reader myself, with a large personal book collection. Reading is certainly a privilege that I have enjoyed, and my aim is to encourage and assist my students become the readers they were meant to be! We work on phonics, reading comprehension, and fluency in reading. Grammar and vocabulary are also included.

I enjoy introducing students to literature, biographies, and general history, as well.

African Studies 1 Service(s)
African Studies – Online $25.00

I have always been interested in history, in general. However, I do take a special interest in Black History, worldwide. I have done some teaching with children to enhance their learning of the many people, worldwide, that have been important influencers in Black and Caribbean History. I especially like to teach about Canadian Black History, which seems to be lesser known.

English 1 Service(s)
English – Online $20.00

I will be offering a) Summer Grammar Refresher and b) Reading Program for the month of July (and possibly August, if there are requests).

Options for July:
-one hour per week for the 4 wks of July = $ 80.00
-two hours per week for the 4 wks of July =$130.00

If interested, please let me know. If there is more than one student in a family, we could arrange a special price.

Also, if a group is formed for a class, then special prices will apply.


  • English Tutor ( 2023 - Present ) TCMS

    I have worked as a tutor within the Toronto Chinese community since 2018. I began working with the elementary students at their community centre, but since COVID, I provide services online.

    My duties included: homework help, English grammar and reading comprehension.

    I also have my own private students at this time.

  • Reading Interventionist Reading Interventionist Program with Reading Specialist Joanne Kaminski

    The program included learning for me in:
    -lesson planning

  • Building Reading Comprehension Program ( 2022 - 2022 ) Ciera Harris Teaching

    This course was an intensive program for teachers who teach reading, including general education teachers, special education teachers, assistants, administrators, and homeschool teachers.

    It included: assessments, building reading comprehension, reading skills and strategies.


  • Social Work York University

    I worked in the social work field for many years, in a variety of environments. I also have a degree in Anthropology.

    During those years, I used my English grammar skills to assist others with editing their documents or assignments.


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