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Temmy Olajide Temmy Olajide

Temmy Olajide

  • Starting Price: $27.00
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About “Temmy Olajide”

My main strength resides in maintaining a disciplined lifestyle, as well as excellent interpersonal relationships with colleagues and peers in a professional environment. Consequently, I have attracted exceptional references testifying to this. Currently a student at the University of Toronto, and with growing professional experience, I am both curious and eager to learn as much as I can, and to expand my network however I can; with both the confidence and the ability to adapt to any environment under different circumstances.

● Excellent communication skills in both oral and written form
● Capable of working independently and as a member of a team
● Hardworking, reliable, teachable and flexible
● Collaborative and Level-headedness
● Excellent customer service skills
● Leadership and organizational skills
● Ability to recognize and execute selling opportunities
● Ability to manage time, prioritize, and meet deadlines
● Ability to multitask in a fast-paced work environment
● Quick-learner, and ability to think and act fast on my feet
● Excellent Computer Literacy
● Courageous and courteous
● High ethical standards

Offered Services

Mathematics 1 Service(s)
Mathematics – In-Person/Online $27.00
Biology 1 Service(s)
Biology - In-person/Online $27.00

Currently studying life sciences and double majoring in human biology and psychology at the University of Toronto, my main area of studies resides in biology, and am able to help kids excel in their areas of struggle with this subject.

Advanced Functions 1 Service(s)
Advanced Functions - In-Person/Online $27.00
General Science 1 Service(s)
General Science – In-person/Online $27.00
Algebra 1 Service(s)
Algebra - In-Person/Online $27.00
Geometry 1 Service(s)
Geometry – In-person/Online $27.00
Trigonometry 1 Service(s)
Trigonometry – In-Person/Online $27.00
Fitness training 1 Service(s)
Fitness training – In-person/Online $45.00


  • Tutor ( 2022 - Present ) Pinney Learning Centre

    I currently work part time at pinney learning centre, helping tutor kids in various subjects, with which they may need extra help with.

  • Tutor ( 2023 - Present ) TutorBright

    Currently working part-time at tutor bright, similarly to help kids in various subjects in which they may need extra help with.

  • Tutor/Mentor ( 2023 - Present ) Imani Black Mentorship Program

    Currently volunteering at a program in my university which aims to assist high school and middle school kids as they navigate different areas of their lives, whether academically or areas of their lives in which they need guidance or advice.


  • Diploma ( 2020 - 2021 ) St. Thomas More Catholic Secondary School

    I completes my last year of high school at St. Thomas More Catholic Secondary School in Hamilton Ontario.

  • Bachelor of Science (BSc) University of Toronto

    I am currently enrolled at the University of Toronto where I am to complete my undergraduate degree studying life sciences, and double majoring in human biology and psychology.


Awards and Recognitions

  • Dean's List - University of Toronto ( 2022 )
  • Principal Honor's Roll - St. Thomas More Catholic Secondary School ( 2021 )
  • Principal Honor's Roll - North Peace Secondary School ( 2020 )

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